Introducing Functional Dry Needling

by Ruth A. McKinney, DC

We are proud to introduce a new service that will radically change treatment of acute and chronic pain problems that may not be responding to other types of care. Over irritated muscles frequently have palpable nodules or “knots” called trigger points in tight bands of muscle fibers that result in pain. Functional Dry Needling resets these trigger points which allows the body to heal pain, muscle spasm and inflammation.

A trigger point is a small spasm in the muscle. Many times, you don’t know you have one until someone presses on it and you feel the knot. Included in the muscle are two types of nerves fibers. Motor nerves allow the muscle to function by sending a message to cause the muscle to contract and relax. Sensory nerves allow for the perception of hot, cold, numbness, tingling and pain. Nerves fire a small electrical charge that tells the muscle what to do or feel. Trigger points are painful because the fibers of the muscle that are in spasm are also constantly pressing on the sensory nerve fibers.

muscle points

Nerves that are being pressed on by a spasm can send pain to another part of the body. For instance, trigger points in the neck and upper back can cause pain and numbness down the arm and hand like that of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Trigger points in the lower back, pelvis and hips can cause pain symptoms down the back of the leg like Sciatica.

muscle points in legs

By gently placing a very small needle directly into the trigger points Functional Dry Needling allows the electrical impulse to “discharge.” This has a calming effect on the nerve and allows the muscle spasm to relax. It increases blow flow which allows for faster healing. Many patients who receive this treatment report relief from pain and experience better movement even when other types of treatment have failed to help them. This can really improve the quality of life. There is a difference in Functional Dry Needling and acupuncture. Dry needling uses very thin acupuncture-type needles to treat musculoskeletal issues based on modern neuroanatomy science. Acupuncture practitioners follow traditional Chinese medicine principles.

Functional Dry Needling has been used to successfully treat shoulder and upper back pain, neck and low back pain, elbow tendinitis, carpel tunnel symptoms, plantar fasciitis, and many other acute and chronic issues. To learn more about Functional Dry Needling call our office at 423-485- 8480.

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